Newsletter Signup

April 8, 2016 terry

The area staff at SFANA will be publishing a newsletter from time to time and would like two things from you:

  1. Sign in by filling out the form below so that you receive the SFANA Newsletter in your emal the moment it is published.
  2. Submit articles and stories to be published in the SFANA Newsletter to inspire others to stay clean and keep coming back.

Some topics that would be useful in the SFANA Newsletter are:

  • What is your favorite recovery quote and why?
  • What is your favorite spiritual principle and why?
  • What does working the steps mean to you?
  • Online meetings?
  • How do you handle disruptions at your home group?
  • What is your experience with children at meetings?
  • How do you know it is God?s will?
  • Does being productive and responsible mean being boring?
  • How do you develop healthy intimate relationships?
  • What does it mean to be responsible and productive in NA and in society?
  • How does your gratitude speak?
  • How do you continue to make amends? Are you ever finished making amends?
  • Are there any other requirements for membership?
  • Rigidity: How did you learn to lighten up?